Web Testing

At iTech Matters, we understand the specific hurdles associated with web testing. We provide a comprehensive set of tests for each area:

  • Functional testing – We offer automated, semi-automated, manual functional testing capabilities to guarantee front and back end application components function well and as originally planned.
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing – We look at cross-browser testing, functional defects and web application layout. Our professional testers will check application compatibility with Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and other browsers to guarantee flawless behavior in any browser or version.
  • Usability testing – this compliments GUI testing. We look for usability inconsistencies and defects that might leave users confused. We aim for intuitive navigation, simple and user-friendly.
  • Performance testing – reveals your web application’s blockages and break points. Your application must be able to tolerate larger loads and stress conditions.
  • Security testing – considers cross-site scripting, URL manipulation, sensitive data disclosure, and SQL injection.

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