Mobile Technologies

iTech Matters offers mobile development for all popular mobile platforms. Our extensive knowledge on each platform’s features and the real-world experience of building successful applications for all of them means that you can trust us to make the most appropriate technology choices for your mobile business ambitions.



At iTech Matters, our development team includes experienced Android app developers. They use the Android Software Development Kit, which includes Android Emulator, Android Plugin Tools (ADT), and other extremely valuable mobile apps development tools.

These tools extend into the Eclipse environment and help our developer consistently create high-performance mobile apps that meet your business needs.



If you are a business owner who would like to reach out to your target market, one of the best ways to do so is by developing an iPhone application using iTech Matters.

Whether it’s a fun game, a purposeful application related to the nature of the product or service that you’re offering or some other type of application, the team our of expert developers can come up with great end results for you.


Windows Phone

Developing mobile apps with the widest reach demands targeting the right platforms. Windows Phone is Microsoft’s mobile platform, rapidly growing in popularity, market share and feature support.

Businesses looking for new markets, exciting opportunities and the ability to support all the common platforms do well to start development for Windows Phone apps now.

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