Terms and Conditions


All charges are shown in Australian dollars. Payments are to be made in Australian dollars and must be drawn from an Australian bank. iTech Matters accepts the following types of payment:
• Credit/Debit card (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)
• PayPal
• Direct Deposit
All payments are due on the Invoice Due Date. The Invoice Due Date is clearly displayed on all invoices issued to you.
Customers not paying by credit card agree to make payment of their balance due by the Invoice Due Date.
Accounts that are past due on payment will be automatically suspended. All past due and unpaid balances are subject to collection. In the event of collection, you will be liable for costs of collection including attorney’s fees, court costs, and collection agency fees.
If an account is suspended three (3) or more times, or has been in a suspended status for sixty (60) days, the account will be deleted and all data will be removed from our servers. This DOES NOT cancel the billing account. A cancellation request must be submitted in order to have a billing account cancelled.

Domain Names

Domain name registrations and web hosting accounts are handled by separate entities. In the event you need to cancel, you must specify whether you would like to cancel your domain name only, your web hosting plan only, or both your domain and hosting accounts. The cancellation, expiration, or transfer of your domain name does not automatically terminate your hosting account (or vice versa). Your hosting account billing term automatically renews upon its completion, unless you notify iTech Matters that you would like to cancel your account at least (3) three days prior to your renewal date.

Billing/Price Changes

iTech Matters policies and prices are subject to change without notice. Any price changes become effective in the next billing cycle.

These Terms may Change

Due to our evolving business, and the changing nature of the web hosting industry, these terms of service may change. We will post the changes on our website at www.itechmatters.com.au, and your continued use of the service means you accept the changes we have made.
We encourage you to check these terms of service regularly for any changes.
Any revisions to the terms of service will become effective when posted on this page unless otherwise noted. In the event you do not agree to the modifications in the terms of service please contact us immediately to cancel your account.

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