Bundle Pricing

Domain name registration is for one (1) of the these domain names .com.au, .net.au, .org.au, asn.au, id.au.

The digital certificate will be for the same domain name. This can be upgraded to a wildcard Digital Certificate for an additional cost.

Web hosting will be for the same domain name.

Domain name and Digital certificate are charged up front, Hosting (if applicable) is charged monthly at a reduced rate.

* Price show is an average monthly cost and does not reflect actual upfront or monthly charges.

Domain Name
com.au $12.50/yr

Manage Nameservers

Manage Contacts

Manage Passwords

Transfer Lock

Auto Renew

Digital Certificate

$5,000 warranty

Email verification

Ready in 15 minutes

No documentation

256 bit encryption

SANs are not supported


Hosting not included





iTech Special 1
$3.05/m *

Domain Name

Digital Certificate

Management Portal

24/7/365 Support