About Us

About Us

iTech Matters is based in Queensland and provides Domain and Hosting services across the Australasian region.

Partnered with auDA and ICAAN accredited registrars.

Our Team

Often described by customers as “the best in the business”, our team prides themselves on delivering an unrivalled range of services and industry-leading customer support.

We have built the company from the ground up around the premise of providing the type of service you could never find but always expected.

The team consists of technology professionals and customer support specialists who are able to assist our customers with any questions they may have.

Australian-Based Servers

Store your data on our Australian servers and avoid the headache of unnecessary international policies. Experience the unrivalled reliability and speed of our top-of-the-line hardware. Built for your business.

Access to fully redundant Brocade-powered networks (AS45638) with connectivity and peering to Vocus, AAPT, Telstra, PIPE IX (NSW, VIC and QLD), Megaport IX (NSW and VIC), IX Australia (WAIX, NSW-IX and VIC-IX) and Equinix IX.

The Dell Cloud infrastructure we use is securely housed in NextDC enterprise data centres all around Australia.

Complete Online Portfolio

Create a robust portfolio with access to 300+ domain name extensions available at discounted prices. Match this with custom built web hosting plans and only pay for the resources you need. Complement this with Digital Certificates and Privacy Protection.


Ensure your portfolio remains secure thanks to our fully-redundant network. Built with no single point of failure.